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Nikki's Black2 Nuzlocke
Part 2: First battles and First encounters

"So you've decided to name him Badge?" Bianca asks, "That's a great name! Hopefully you two will have a long and happy journey together." Bianca reaches into her bag once again and pulls out a small object. "This is a pokedex. Professor Juniper would like you to take this and go all around Unova studying all the different Pokemon in the region. Do your best to fill it completely!"

She hands me the pokedex and I stare in awe at it for a moment before tucking it away in my pocket.

"Who's that?" Bianca asks gesturing towards Tristan.

"Oh. That's Tristan, he's my friend." I reply. "Hey Tristan! Come here"

Tristan walks over with a smirk, "So you picked Tepig then huh? What's his name?"


"Hello. I'm Bianca, your Nikki's friend correct?"

"Yup" Tristan states with a small yawn, "me 'n Nikki have been best friends for as long as I can remember."

"Would you like a Pokemon as well?" Bianca asks

"Nah, I've already got my own Pokemon, But thanks for the offer"

"I see. Well then why not take a pokedex. If the two of you are friends maybe you can be rivals as well. It'll help push the both of you to become stronger."

I glance up at Tristan. "That sounds like a good idea Tristan. After all, we are quite competitive."

"You got that right." Tristan lets out a chuckle, "Yeah okay. I'll take a pokedex. Thanks"

Tristan takes the offered pokedex and quickly puts it in his pocket.

"So. Now that the two of you are officially trainers. Why not have a battle?"

Tristan blinks and frowns in thought for a moment, "...Why not? C'mon Nikki. Lets have a battle. Your Badge versus my Jett"

"Your on!"


We stand on opposite ends of the outlook, Bianca is still standing at the fence in between us to act as the judge for the battle. Our Pokemon are still young and weak so we already know the battle isn't going to last long. Badge jumps off my shoulder and stands in front of me in a battle stance. Tristan lets Jett out of his pokeball and Jett instantly takes a battle stance in front of Tristan.

"Lets get this battle started!" Bianca shouts.

"Badge Tackle!" I quickly shout before Tristan can command Jett to do anything.

Badge darts forward and tackles Jett into the ground.

"Tail Whip!" Tristan commands.

Jett uses Tail Whip but Badge leaps away before it can do anything.

"Tackle again!"

The battle goes on like that for a few more moves and finally Badge tackles Jett one last time and Jett faints.

"Oooh! Badge and Nikki win!"

"Wow, that Tepig of yours sure is strong" Tristan admits as he puts Jett back into his pokeball for some rest.

"I could say the same thing about your Oshawott" I reply with a smirk.

"Okay you two. I have some business to take care of. I'm assuming that the two of you know your way around a Pokemon center and poke-mart. So I'll leave you to it. Just remember, if you go out to the route's. Be careful, wild Pokemon will attack and they will try to kill your Pokemon. So be cautious."

Bianca wanders off after giving us both some pokeballs and we both laugh.

"She's...interesting" Tristan muses as he muffles his laughs behind a hand.

"Well at least she gave us what we needed to start our journey. I'll have to go to the poke-mart and get some potions though."

"Yeah. I have to go get Jett back to full health. So I guess we can go to the center together."

We walk to the Pokemon center together, I buy some potions while Tristan heals his Pokemon and then we walk back out into the city. We both stop as soon as the door closes behind us because waiting outside is my mom and his little sister.

"Big brother!" Maggie shouts.

She runs up to him and leaps into his arms.

"Whoa Maggie! What's up little sis?"

"I have something for both of you!" She reaches into her little purse and brings out two town maps. "Here you go"

I take the offered town map and put it into my bag. That will definitely come in handy later.

"So you chose Tepig." My mother states as she watches Badge nibble on my backpack strap from his perch on my shoulder.

"Yup. Mom, this is Badge. Badge, this is my mom"

Badge lifts his head and looks at my mother. "Hi"

"I wish I could understand Pokemon" My mother sighs. "He's so cute.... anyway... I decided to come find you to wish you luck on your journey. I know you'll be coming back into town to fight the gym leader here but you'll probably be so caught up in your excitement that you wont come to see me."

"I promise to call you whenever I can though, okay mom?"

"It's alright dear. I know you'll be busy. Good luck" My mom walks back towards the house and Maggie follows quickly after.

"I'm gonna go on ahead okay Nikki?"

"Sure, go ahead Tristan. I'll see you later."

"See ya!"

Tristan leaves and I stand in front of the pokemon center all by myself.

"So ready to start this journey?" I ask.

"Yeah!" Badge replies enthusiastically with a wave of his tail.

I let out a soft giggle. "Alright then. Lets go."

With Badge on my shoulder I walk into the great unknown beyond the town that I've never left.


As soon as I step out into route nineteen I'm in awe. Everything is so bright and beautiful out here. I can't wait to start searching for my first catch!

"Alright Badge. Lets go try to find a wild Pokemon to catch. We can train afterwards too."

Our first encounter is a Purrloin, unfortunately after a critical hit Tackle from Badge the Purrloin faints before I can even try to catch it. Oh well, next route maybe. We train in the route for a while, the Pokemon were all so weak that they are barely worth mentioning.

By the time we get to Floccesy town Badge is already level 8. We head towards the Pokemon center to heal when suddenly.

"Hey! Are you a Pokemon trainer?"

I turn around and standing there is an older man with vibrant gold and orange hair. It suddenly dawns on me, This is Alder, the past champion of the Unova region!


"Yup that's me! You're a Pokemon trainer right?" After giving him a small nod he continue's, "Good, that Tepig of yours looks pretty tough. Why don't you come train with me. I'll teach you the basic's of type match-ups. You should stop at the Pokemon center first though. It looks like your Tepig has been training really hard. Meet me up at my place okay?"

Before I even have a chance to accept or decline his offer her walks away, I guess I have to go see him now. I take Badge into the Pokemon center and get him healed up. Once he's healed and I've purchased a few more potions and pokeballs I head up towards Alders place. He's waiting for me outside and he waves when he see's me.

"Hey! For a moment there I was thinking you weren't gonna come see me."

"Well I was gonna come. But I was going to go and try to find my friend first" I explain.

"Your friend? Is he a tall guy with messy hair?"

"Yes, Why? Did you see him?" I ask

"Yup. He headed off towards Floccesy ranch. Tell ya what, you go find him and then come back and train with me."

"Yeah. Okay."

"Good. Hurry and find him then."

I took that as a dismissal and I head off into Route 20. Time to go find Tristan.
Second part. Sorry about the really bad battle scene(s) Honestly there was no point on putting much emphasis on the few battles I did during this part of the game. The enemy Pokemon were so weak that most of the time Badge didn't even get hurt. As the nuzlocke progresses I will be adding more to the battles and they may become decent xD
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DoodleBuggleBook Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jett's a cool name for a Water-type. :) His picture up top is really cute too--love the tuft of hair on his head. ^^

Badge is nibbling her backpack strap? XD That's awesome.

The mother characters in Pokémon are always a bit tragic, no?

Wonder why Alder took an interest in Nikki? (Or is that just in-game? I haven't actually played Black 2 yet. XP) But I bet the upcoming training session with them and Tristian will be cool. :3 Wonder if Tristian has any new Pokémon . . . Too bad Nikki didn't catch any. ^^;

What you're saying about the battles makes sense. I mean, it's not entertaining to read (or write, for that matter), "X used Tackle, Y used Tail Whip, X used Tackle, Y used Tail Whip, X used Tackle, Y used Tail Whip, X used Tackle, Y fainted." XP
WarriorCybz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
lol yeah. I normally name my male Oshawott's Jett so I figured I should give the rival's Oshawott that name.

Yeah, Badge is pretty cute xDD
Yes, mother characters do tend to be quite tragic. That's what mom's do.

In the game Alder actually offers to train with you, almost everything that happens in this nuzlocke is right from Pokemon black 2. And yeah, Nikki was dissapointed in not catching any Pokemon in route 19 but she'll get some more later xD

Yeah, Battles can be a pain to write. But once the battles in game get more intense the written ones will get better (hopefully). I'm actually pretty bad at writing Pokemon battles.
DoodleBuggleBook Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool. ^^ I think it would also make a good Flying-type name . . .

Okay, I figured so.

I bet they'll turn out fine once there's some actual substance. :D
WarriorCybz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah. I think the battles will get better as the nuzlocke progresses. I should probably start on part 3 soon.
DoodleBuggleBook Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't rush yourself. I'm sure your watchers are all looking forward to it and all, but if you force yourself to do it it won't be fun and then you'll hate it and drop the idea.
WarriorCybz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
nah. I'm actually having a lot of fun. I've been meaning to do a nuzlocke for so long that now that I'm actually DOING one it's soooo great. I'm really excited and I wan't to get up enough parts that I'm caught up to where I am in the game so I can play it more xD.

If I dont write it all down as fast as I can I'll forget everything! And that would be REALLY bad.
DoodleBuggleBook Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! :D

Yeah, that would. D: I would recommend taking notes as you play, but I suppose some people aren't able to play that way . . . concentration wise.
WarriorCybz Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yeah.... ):.....
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